Our Team


Dominic Dobson


Dominic is an industry leader in collector car brokerage, restoration management and collection management, including a renown four-year stewardship of an international collection of primarily European post-war race cars and rare road cars. He can help guide your needs as a pre-eminent source in automotive arts, from expert repair and restoration to acquisition and sale of vehicles and collections.


Patrick Dobson

Master Technician

Patrick has been a master technician for 35 years and for the last 25 years has been working on air cooled and water cooled Porsches. Patrick has extensive crew chief and fabrication experience on numerous race teams, including brother Dominic's seven Indy 500 races, IMSA events and Super Touring seasons.


Paul Smith


Paul recently joined our team as a technician and has been working as an auto tech and in the auto parts industry for nearly four years. He is an excellent understudy to Patrick on all things Porsche and represents the exciting new generation of skilled young auto technicians.