Engine Building

Dobson Stuttgart offers complete engine rebuilds for both air-cooled and water-cooled Porsches. Over the years our technicians have rebuilt many motors ranging from Porsche spec racers to daily drivers. We now send our engines out to specialty, highly-qualified Porsche-trained engine builders. All parts used are OEM Porsche, unless upgrades are requested to be installed.

More recently, we have added EV conversions to our services, keeping your Porsche or other fine European vehicle in line with todays' modern technology, while retaining it original styling, charm and handling. EV can dramatically improve the performance and efficiency of your existing vehicle, bringing years of enjoyment without the hassle of oil changes, services and oil and water leaks. Simplify your life and help save the environment at the same time by considering an EV conversion at Dobson Stuttgart!

Engines are carefully taken apart that require a rebuild, noting each part that was removed and each part that was discarded to be replaced. All parts taken from the motor (case halves, cylinders, etc.) are cleaned thoroughly of any carbon contaminants and or sludge.

Cylinder heads are removed and sent to expert machine shops to have them checked for cracks, cleaned thoroughly, machined and valves re-seated. The heads are then re-installed after the long block assembly has been finished. All parts are ordered new, no old or used parts are ever installed into a motor.

A Dobson Stuttgart rebuilt motor will feel like new. You will notice a great increase in throttle response, torque and horsepower. Your vehicle will run smoother and let you sleep at night without having to worry about oil leaks or reoccurring noises. Remember, Porsche cars need to be driven, not stored in a garage.