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From competing at the top of American open-wheel racing, to managing private car collections, to fund-raising for America’s Car Museum, Dominic Dobson has taken on many roles over his fifty-year career in the automotive sphere. 

Dobson’s long racing resume includes his seven starts at the Indy 500, numerous race wins in the North American Super Touring Championship, as well as endurance wins in IMSA, and participation at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

After retiring from professional motorsport in 1998, Dominic continued checking off the boxes on his racing bucket list, beginning with the 2005 Baja 1000. Ten years later, he competed at the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb and won the Unlimited Class. Most recently, Dominic returned to Le Mans to compete in the 2023 Le Mans Classic in the same Porsche 962 he raced there thirty years ago.

Our Team

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Dominic Dobson


Following an entrepreneurial path from a young age, Dominic started his own arrive-and-drive racing business in his early twenties. Using his success in this field to springboard into professional motorsport.

After his racing career ended, Dominic curated historic automobile collections for several years before venturing into Porsche service and repair. 

Dominic’s extensive restoration and collection management experience make him uniquely qualified to handle all your Porsche-related needs.

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Patrick Dobson

Master Technician

Patrick has been a master technician for nearly four decades. For the last twenty-five years, he has focused exclusively on Porsches. Patrick knows every popular model of air and water-cooled Porsches as well as anyone. 

In his early days, he serviced Lotuses at Prestige Motors, then relocated to California to repair various makes of sports cars for Zephyr Racing. He later went on to work as crew chief and fabricator with several professional race teams, including brother Dominic's IndyCar, IMSA, and Super Touring outfits.

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Matt Adair

Sales Manager

Matt has been involved in both the sales and service sides of the high-end automotive business for the last twenty years. Like Dominic, he also has a long racing background upon which he has built his reputation.

He now heads our sales department and can help our customers with valuations, consignments, and sales.


Paul Smith


After working as an journeyman auto tech for seven years, Paul joined our team three years ago. His way with people and his remarkable technical ability have made him an invaluable asset.

He has been an excellent understudy to Patrick on all things Porsche and represents the best of the new generation of skilled automotive technicians.


Tazio Arredondo


Tazio recently joined the Dobson Stuttgart team as an apprentice technician after working for Chevrolet and Hyundai. In little time, he’s proven himself capable of handling a wide range of tasks and vehicles.

Tazio also brings his photography skills to help us present a polished image to the world.