At Dobson Stuttgart we consider performing regular servicing intervals on your Porsche one of our primary objectives. With all Porsche & Bosch specialty tools, we follow factory guidelines. Nothing is overlooked during these routine visits. Only at Dobson Stuttgart, can a performance problem be correctly diagnosed on our Porsche PIWIS testers. Far too often issues are not correctly diagnosed as almost no other independent repair facilities have factory testers, despite claims.  Whether it is a major service or scheduled factory maintenance, Dobson Stuttgart has factory software and tools to complete the job in a timely and cost effective manner. Fast, professional, turn-key service is a hallmark of Dobson Stuttgart.

Scheduled Factory Maintenance @ 10K, 20K, 30K, 40K, 50K,60K and beyond are fully warranted and are even more comprehensive than Porsche specifies. All of our service work reports to Carfax to help your not only keep track of service records digitally for yourself, but help at the time you're ready to move onto your next car with enhanced resale value.

Dealers and most independent shops rarely possess the skills, experience, and facility to perform a proper OEM overhaul of your complicated Porsche engine or transaxle. Our dedicated engine builders are trained for factory-level quality and consistency remains as the industry standard. Our pricing structure for overhauls is honest and competitive, due to our streamline methods that it leaves dealers as much as 30% higher at the end of the job. Over 23 years we have overhauled literally thousands of Porsche drivetrains; from 4 cylinder boxer thru 4 valve water cooled V types. We now have skilled engine builders on standby specifically for either air-cooled or water-cooled engines and a Porsche-specialist for gearbox overhauls as well. We offer services for ALL Porsche years and models.

Oil/Filter Change- We pride ourselves on using Motul or Liqui-Moly full synthetic oil as per Porsche  recommendation - with modern cars requiring A40 or C30 Porsche certified oil.  For Classic air cooled Porsche's we utilize Motul or Liqui-Moly high performance classic 20w50 high zinc conventional oil.


Dobson Stuttgart utilizes the latest laser alignment technology. By mounting in the center of the hub area, the Porsche-specific mounts offer a virtually touch-less installation of the measuring equipment.

This aligner is so precise and advanced it is also used as a measuring device designed for collision repair to pinpoint damaged areas. Whether your car set to factory specs and in need of alignment due to Seattle roads or your car's specs are not of your liking Dobson Stuttgart can help. We get asked often if alignment specs contribute to poor tire wear.  The answer is absolutely!

Our equipment and technical literature have many of the independents shops in Seattle sending their own personal cars to us for the most precise setup.  For our racing cliental, Dobson Stuttgart offers specialized packages including setting rake, adjusting ride height, corner weight and more.


Dobson Stuttgart utilizes the latest in mounting and balancing equipment. Our unique relationship with for over 15 years gives our customers 24-hour tire delivery estimates and the BEST price guaranteed.  For our track cliental we are able to offer most every brand and competition compound with delivery around the country to most track even on weekends.

All too often with GT3, Carrera GT, 918, and GT2 model damage occurs on the rocker panels since the lifts installed are meant for various brands.  Since we are exclusive to Porsche we have specified arms the sit only 2mm from ground level.  For our Carrera GT clients we have custom-built anchors on our lifts to eliminate any possibility of weigh transfer resulting in damaged.  We use specific lift plates provided by Porsche AG for the Carrera GT , 918, and 991.


Dobson Stuttgart offers onsite professional detailing using zymol products exclusively.  Being a fully integrated mechanical and autobody facility we are able to understand the inner workings of your paint and what causes certain imperfections.  With the use of various exterior and interior care products we can properly protect or renew most any synthetic or natural materials.  Coupled with our installation of Xpel paint protection film & Ceramic Pro your Porsche will be protected for both street and track use. Detailing includes but are not limited to Interior/Exterior/Undercarriage/Engine bay/Chassis


Dobson Stuttgart has been an advocate of paintless dent removal for years.  Building Porsche's on a daily basis offers us the ability to remove panels and properly reinstall them to provide a flawless repair on any model present or past.  Far too often your local detailer takes a panel off your Porsche for the first time and ends up doing more damage than you came in with.  The same care taken to paint your Porsche is applied to dent removal.  Patience and expertise are at the forefront of our technicians mind.  The same quality controls you have come to expect from Dobson Stuttgartin our mechanical is provided in this service.  We guarantee a perfect finish every time!


Having a pedigree in racing for 50 years allow us to offer our customers the most comprehensive suspension packages.  Whether your needs be for the racetrack or street use our team can point you in the right direction.  Our collaboration with the largest manufactures of suspension products ensures you’re getting the latest technology and most importantly the one that matches your expectations.  Many suspension products carry a lifetime* warranty for defects and manufacturing.

Street Use:  We are asked regularly if Porsche fitted with PASM and/or Sport Crono have aftermarket suspension kits.  Absolutely.  The aftermarket kits supplied by various manufactures are not only superior but in many cases less money than OEM.  Electronic damping shock/strut sets have such demand that the options are endless.  Dobson Stuttgart also offers custom suspension setups for various racing venues and client expectations upon request.  Within our suspension options we also offer a full line of braking packages for ALL Porsche models.